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3 Tips to Reduce Adult Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety in adults remains a common problem, often because the underlying cause has never been addressed. If anxiety is ruining your oral health, there are several strategies to overcome anxiety and start regular dental appointments. Figure Out the Underlying Issue Part of overcoming dental anxiety is understanding the exact problem. Some people were traumatized by a bad experience or they might have fears that indirectly relate to the dentist, like fears of needles. Read More»

Top 4 Benefits of One-Visit Crowns

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Getting a crown on a tooth is often the only way to save a tooth after it has been damaged or gone through a lot of trauma. Dentists often place crowns on teeth after root canals or after major cavities are removed, and if you need a crown, there are few alternatives for you. The good news about crowns is that you can now get them in just one visit, instead of two or three, and choosing a one-visit crown will yield the following four benefits. Read More»

All in the Family: Dental Maladies That Run in the Family

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You may not have inherited your father’s eye color, but there’s a good chance that you may be dealing with some dental issues that were passed on by him. In fact, there are several dental-related problems that tend to run in families. While it’s always possible to learn bad habits from your parents, there may be more to it than that. Just knowing about the tendency for the below issues to be passed on via your DNA could give you a heads-up so that you can be ready to take action and prevent further problems down the road. Read More»