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3 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Smile Between High School And College

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It’s graduation season, which means that many high school seniors are preparing to enjoy their last summer before going away to college. If you’re a graduating senior looking forward to your new adult life, there are probably plenty of things you want to do this summer, and visiting the dentist may not be high on the list. But there are some important preventative steps you should take this summer to be sure that your smile stays bright as you head off to your new college life. Read More»

Getting Dental Implants? 3 Tips to Care for Them

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As you get closer to getting dental implants placed in your mouth, you may have questions about what you need to do after the surgery. Dental implants do require some special care, but it is not too far outside what should be considered a normal oral health care routine. Be sure to follow these three tips to care for your dental implants. 1. Use a Different Toothbrush and Toothpaste It is normal to have sensitive gums right after the dental implants have been placed into your jawbone. Read More»

4 Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Denture

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If you have recently gotten dentures, that doesn’t mean all the dental care tips that you know should go out the door. You still need to take good care of your teeth and mouth. Good dental habits are just as important when you have dentures. Brush Your Dentures Daily Instead of brushing your teeth daily, you now need to brush your dentures daily. For brushing your dentures, you’ll need to invest in some new supplies. Read More»