Dental Advice for Sugar Lovers

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What To Do While You Wait For Periodontal Disease Treatment

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Periodontal disease is a serious condition that can put your teeth at risk of falling out, in addition to exposing you to the dangers of having a long-term infection in your gums. If you’ve been told that you have this condition and are planning to come into the dentist’s office to have a full dental scaling to improve the health of your gums, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to improve your situation in the meantime. Read More»

Things You Can Do To Decrease Sensitivity With Your Teeth

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Living with the cringing feeling you experience after taking a bite of cold ice cream can be frustrating. If you feel this type of feeling with hot and cold foods, it is because you have sensitive teeth. If this is something you have, there are things you can do that will help decrease the sensitivity you experience when eating or drinking hot and cold things, and here are some of the top things you should do. Read More»

Three Tips For A Healthy Mouth When Traveling

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Whether you are on the road long term, taking a summer road trip, or simply traveling for business, it’s important to make allowances for your health. Most people pack a simple first aid kit for road trips, and they even make sure to take along their insurance card in case they need to see a doctor. What many people do overlook, though, is their dental health when on the road. The following strategies can help you make sure you are covered if a dental emergency strikes when you are far from home. Read More»

Is Teeth Whitening Good For Your Stains And Discolorations?

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There are many different types of stains and discolorations that can affect your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry services, like whitening, can be fantastic for some of these imperfections. However, not all discolorations can be fixed with whitening; they may be indicative of another problem and need a different dental service. Take a look at common stains and discolorations and how to proceed. Stains from Red Wine, Coffee, Etc. In-office whitening is fantastic for stains caused by beverages. Read More»

Why You Should Request Sedation During Implant Surgery

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If you’re getting a dental implant, your dentist is going to thoroughly numb your treatment area with lidocaine injections, so you shouldn’t feel a thing. But for some men and women, numbing just the treatment area isn’t enough. When you’re talking to your dentist about implant surgery, ask about sedation dentistry options, too. With so many different types of sedation available, you should be able to completely relax during your treatment. Read More»

Why You Should Choose A Pediatric Specialist To Handle Your Child's Dental Needs

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Now that your little one is old enough to see a dentist, you’ll have to find a care provider who can handle their unique needs. You could always take your child to your own dentist, but it’s a good idea to consider working with a pediatric dental specialist instead. Here’s why. Catch Potential Problems Early Having the ability to catch potential dental problems early is one of the best reasons to choose a pediatric specialist for your child’s dental needs. Read More»

3 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Smile Between High School And College

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It’s graduation season, which means that many high school seniors are preparing to enjoy their last summer before going away to college. If you’re a graduating senior looking forward to your new adult life, there are probably plenty of things you want to do this summer, and visiting the dentist may not be high on the list. But there are some important preventative steps you should take this summer to be sure that your smile stays bright as you head off to your new college life. Read More»

Getting Dental Implants? 3 Tips to Care for Them

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As you get closer to getting dental implants placed in your mouth, you may have questions about what you need to do after the surgery. Dental implants do require some special care, but it is not too far outside what should be considered a normal oral health care routine. Be sure to follow these three tips to care for your dental implants. 1. Use a Different Toothbrush and Toothpaste It is normal to have sensitive gums right after the dental implants have been placed into your jawbone. Read More»

4 Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Denture

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If you have recently gotten dentures, that doesn’t mean all the dental care tips that you know should go out the door. You still need to take good care of your teeth and mouth. Good dental habits are just as important when you have dentures. Brush Your Dentures Daily Instead of brushing your teeth daily, you now need to brush your dentures daily. For brushing your dentures, you’ll need to invest in some new supplies. Read More»