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Top 4 Benefits of One-Visit Crowns

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Getting a crown on a tooth is often the only way to save a tooth after it has been damaged or gone through a lot of trauma. Dentists often place crowns on teeth after root canals or after major cavities are removed, and if you need a crown, there are few alternatives for you. The good news about crowns is that you can now get them in just one visit, instead of two or three, and choosing a one-visit crown will yield the following four benefits.

You Will Not Have to Live with a Temporary Crown

The first benefit is that when you get a one-visit crown, you eliminate the need to have a temporary crown in your mouth for a period of time. Wearing a temporary crown is not the same as having the permanent crown in place. The temporary crown may feel awkward in your mouth, and there is always a chance it may come loose. You will not be able to use this tooth like a normal tooth, and you might have to wear the temporary crown for several weeks. With a one-visit crown, you will not have to worry about this.

You Will Only Have to Visit the Dentist One Time

Secondly, a one-visit crown is a procedure your dentist can do all at once, instead of spreading it out between multiple visits. If your time is valuable to you, why go multiple times to the dentist for a procedure you can have completed in just one visit?

You Will Go Through Less Pain and Less Time in a Dental Chair

A huge benefit of a one-visit crown is that it offers a way to get a crown with less pain and trauma than the alternative options. If you do not like dental work, getting the crown completed in one visit is the best option for you. You will only have to get your mouth numbed once, and you will spend a lot less time sitting in a dental chair.

One-Visit Crowns Hold Up Just as Well as Others

Finally, it is important to know that a one-visit crown will hold up just as well as the types of crowns offered through multiple visits, and this is primarily because a one-visit crown is the same exact product as a crown that requires multiple visits.

If you find out that you need a crown, talk to your dentist about getting it in one visit. If your dentist, like David Russell DDS, Inc., offers this service, you can reap the benefits of one-visit crowns.