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Six Assumptions You Shouldn't Make About Straightening Your Teeth With Aligners

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If you want to get your teeth straightened, aligners can be a great option. However, you need to do your research so that you have accurate information on what it will be like using aligners.

The following are six assumptions you shouldn't make about straightening your teeth with aligners.

You have too many orthodontic problems to be eligible for aligners.

Not every patient is eligible for aligners. However, you should always check with your dentist before assuming that aligners won't be able to straighten your teeth. In many cases, aligners can straighten a patient's teeth even if that patient has a lot of orthodontic problems. 

Your teeth will be straightened faster with aligners than they would be with traditional braces.

Aesthetics are the primary advantage that aligners offer over traditional orthodontic treatment with braces. When it comes to the duration of treatment, aligners won't necessarily straighten a patient's teeth any faster than braces.

It's also important to realize that how long you wear your aligners each day has a big impact on how long treatment takes. You need to make sure you're wearing your aligners as much as your dentist recommends if you want to see results as quickly as possible. 

You're too young to get aligners.

Some people associate traditional braces with children and aligners with adults. This doesn't mean that a patient has to get braces rather than aligners if that patient is young. Most patients who can be treated with braces are old enough to be treated with aligners. 

Straightening your teeth with aligners doesn't involve any discomfort.

For some patients, aligners can be more comfortable than braces because they don't involve as many sharp components. At the same time, patients need to realize that aligner treatment can involve some teeth soreness. This is particularly true right after your aligners have been altered in order to reposition your teeth. 

Aligners will alter your speech.

Although aligners can alter an individual's speech, this doesn't always happen. It's also important to note that most people can speak normally with aligners in place once they have gotten used to them. 

Your results won't be as good if you use aligners rather than braces.

For many patients, aligners can provide results that are every bit as good as the results that patients see after using traditional braces. You shouldn't think that your teeth won't be as straight if you don't undergo orthodontic treatment with traditional braces. 

For more information about laigner options like Invisalign, contact a local orthodontic office.