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When To Seek Help From An Emergency Dentist

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If you have a dental issue that requires immediate treatment, you'll need to see an emergency dentist as opposed to just a general one. They can help treat the following issues quickly so that you don't have to panic or have the dental issue lead to worse health complications.

Gums Continue to Bleed

Your gums are going to bleed every now and then, especially if you accidentally floss or brush your teeth too hard. However, if you have gums that continue to bleed on a consistent basis, there could be something going on that needs to be checked out by an emergency dentist.

You need to see them quickly so they can see what's going on before you're really struggling with dental issues. You could have bone or gum disease that's causing this issue and if that's the case, prompt treatment is paramount for keeping as many teeth as you can. 

Swollen Jaw

If you have a swollen jaw, this is a clear indication of an infection and you don't want to let it get any worse. You instead need to make an appointment to see an emergency dentist who will get you in the books right away to see how severe the infection is.

Usually, swollen jaws are caused by a salivary gland infection. Only an emergency dentist will be able to effectively deal with this problem using either surgery or prescription medication. They'll work quickly though to ensure this swelling goes down and doesn't lead to more severe health complications.

Severe Tooth Pain

If you have severe tooth pain throughout the day and it's just unbearable to deal with, then you need to see an emergency dentist. They can, fortunately, treat your pain quickly and then see what caused it in the first place. 

Maybe you have a cavity, fracture, infection, or loose crown. An emergency dentist will check for all possible scenarios until they can pinpoint the issue and then treat it with an effective solution. They can then give you pain medication to take back home as to keep you comfortable after their suggested procedure.

If you have severe dental issues that you don't know how to solve on your own, there is always assistance from emergency dentists. They work later hours and can often see new patients at a moment's notice. You just need to know when to use one when certain dental complications affect your life.

For more information, contact emergency dentists near you.