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Do You Have Silver Dental Fillings? Know These 4 Things

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Were you given silver dental fillings by your dentist, which are made out of amalgam material? If so, you may be wondering if these dental fillings are safe for your mouth or if you should get them removed. Here is what you need to know about those old silver fillings.

Silver Fillings Contain A Mixture Of Metals

One of the concerns about silver fillings is that they are made out of various metals, one of them being mercury. While mercury is harmful on its own, it is not a danger to you when it is mixed with other metals. While the metal itself is not very attractive, you do not need to worry about mercury being dangerous to your health because it is in a dental filling.

Silver FIllings Can Crack And Leak

One of the downsides of a silver filling is that old fillings can crack and leak. If this happens, it will be recommended to remove the silver filling and replace it with a resin filling. While the amount of mercury used in a silver filling is safe, there is still a concern if you are allergic to mercury or have a kidney issue that would be problematic if you accidentally ingested the filling material.

Silver Fillings Have Advantages Over Resin Fillings

Since silver fillings look worse than resin fillings, you may be wondering why anybody would want to pick an amalgam filling over resin. You may not be aware that an amalgam filling is actually easier to place in a tooth than a resin filling. That is because the tooth surface doesn't need to be completely dry for a silver filling, when a resin filling requires a dry surface. This can make a silver filling idea for someone that produces a lot of saliva in their mouth, or for teeth in the back of the mouth that are difficult to keep dry during the procedure. 

Silver Fillings Cost About The Same As Resin Fillings

You may have thought that silver fillings are cheaper than resin fillings based on what you have been told in the past. Thankfully, the cost of resin fillings has come down over time, and both filling materials are closer in price than they used to be. You shouldn't have to pick one over the other due to your budget, and you can focus on the material that is best for your needs.

Reach out to a dental office if you still have questions or concerns about your silver fillings.