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5 Procedures To Expect When You Visit A Pediatric Dentist's Office

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A pediatric dentist's office is a great place for preventative pediatric dental care. A pediatric dentist specializes in treating children and adolescents only. They take care of child's oral health, starting from newborns to teens. There are five common pediatric dental procedures performed at a pediatric dentist's office that you might be interested in learning more about.

Dental Exams

When you visit a pediatric dentist's office, the first thing you expect is a comprehensive oral examination. The pediatric dentist examines your child's teeth, gums, and palate to detect any developmental abnormalities. If no major dental issues are detected in this initial dental exam, the dentist recommends a general pediatric dental care routine at least twice a year.


One pediatric dental procedure that you may have heard of is sealants. A sealant is a protective substance applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth that protects them from bacterial acids and plaque. In other words, it is a protective cover or film that a pediatric dentist places over the deep grooves of the tooth. It is usually made of rubberized material, plastic materials, or resin. It doesn't just sit on the surface but actually gets into the grooves of the chewing surfaces where bacteria can hide. Sealants are not typically recommended for children younger than six because their teeth are still developing.

Fluoride Treatments

If you visit a pediatric dentist's office today, you also expect fluoride treatments. Children are more vulnerable to dental decay because their teeth are small in size with large tooth surface area. Pediatric dentists apply fluoride treatments to prevent dental decay. Fluoride treatments are also applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth to help strengthen them by making the enamel more resistant to bacteria and erosion.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation 

Nitrous oxide sedation is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Typically, nitrous oxide pediatric sedation is used to decrease anxiety during pediatric oral surgeries. The pediatric dentist administers the gas by putting the child on a nasal mask or a pediatric patient's face mask. You can expect an additional charge for this service, but it may be worth it for your child if they dread going to the pediatric dentist's office.

Pediatric Oral Surgery

A pediatric dentist may perform oral surgery procedures to treat dental injuries, wisdom teeth removal, palate expansion for overcrowded teeth, pediatric corrective jaw surgery, surgical correction of an overbite, and other pediatric dentistry treatments that correct various abnormalities in the patient's oral cavity.

A pediatric dentist is a dental professional who specializes in pediatric dental care and oral health. If you visit a pediatric dentist's office today, you expect many dental procedures that contribute to the child's overall oral hygiene and health. Contact a pediatric dentist for more information.