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5 Reasons To Consider A Dental Crown

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Crowns are dental tooth caps that are made of a natural looking porcelain. Once in place, you typically cannot tell them apart from your natural teeth. There are a few reasons why you might consider getting crowns. 

1. Weak Enamel

Weak enamel occurs for a variety of reasons. Some people have thinner enamel due to genetics, while in others, early care issues such as a lack of fluoride may have lead to thinner enamel. Enamel can also be brittle and more prone to chipping and wearing off. Your dentist may recommend placing a crown over the biting surfaces of molars with weak enamel as a proactive measure to prevent eventual cracking or wear that can lead to cavities or sensitivities. 

2. Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth can be a result of biting into something hard, like a popcorn kernel, or they can be due to an impact injury to the tooth. Regardless of how it happens, cracked teeth can be painful if the nerve is exposed, plus there is an increased chance for infection or cavity formation. Filling isn't always possible, but a crown can cover the damaged tooth so that it doesn't have to be extracted.

3. Deep Wear

Wear over time can thin the enamel and lead to sensitive spots on the tooth. When this happens, hot or cold foods and liquids can cause discomfort, and the worn surfaces may also be more prone to cavities. This type of damage can't be repaired with a filling, but a crown can provide a protective cover for the worn tooth. Crowns prevent further wear while also preventing sensitivity issues.

4. Extensive Decay

Large fillings and multiple cavities in a single tooth can leave behind a weak tooth that may have to be extracted, as the filling and reconstruction necessary may look bad or result in an easily broken tooth. Filling the damage and then placing a crown over the tooth can save it, since the crown will take much of the wear and tear on the biting surface so no further damages occur.

5. Discoloration

Badly discolored teeth, including the  molars, can cause confidence issues if they are visible when you talk. Crowns can be created to mimic the look and color of a healthy natural tooth. Once your dentist places them, no one can tell that your tooth color isn't perfect. 

Contact a dentist today if you would like to find out if a dental crown is a good option for you.