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Why Your Kids Need Regular Dental Cleanings

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When you take your kids to the dentist regularly, they get the children's dental cleaning they need to have healthy teeth. Cleanings are provided for your children at their regular checkups and are usually done by a dental assistant or hygienist before the dentist looks over their teeth for final care.

Most dentists recommend that a kid's dental cleaning gets done twice a year, and you should stick to cleanings even if your kids have healthy teeth and no cavities or other dental concerns. Here are some reasons why dental cleanings matter.

1. Cleanings protect the gums

The gums are what help keep teeth in place and protect tender dental nerves from exposure. If your kids have healthy gums, they have healthy teeth and can continue to keep their teeth in good condition as they age. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss, and this dental concern can be largely prevented simply by sticking to a children's dental cleaning schedule at their local dentist's office.

2. Cleanings catch dental issues

When you have your kid's dental cleaning done on the regular, you are more likely to catch smaller cavities before they become large and need root canals, you help your kids' dentist look for signs of crooked or misshapen teeth, and you help other issues stay away. Regular dental cleanings are a great preventative measure against dental issues and can make paying for future dental work cheaper because less or less intensive work is needed.

3. Cleanings keep you on track

With how busy you are in your daily life, it's all too easy to forget about your kids' dental cleaning appointments. When you have a regular schedule for children's dental cleaning for all your kids — schedule their next appointment whenever you have them in for their current appointment — you can help yourself stay on track and keep up with your children's dental care. Some schools even make it necessary to have students get regular children's dental cleaning appointments done, so do your part to keep your kids healthy and stay on track by keeping the habit of going to the dentist a few times a year.

When you get into the habit of having your kids see the dentist regularly, you can help them stay healthy in many ways. Since oral health is a concern throughout life, doing simple dental cleanings on your children's teeth can make a big difference in their oral health today. Schedule your kid's dental cleaning needs with your local dental practice as soon as you can.