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Do The Edges Of Your Teeth Look Ragged? Here's Why.

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Healthy teeth are smooth teeth. So it's understandable if you're concerned or confused as to why your teeth suddenly seem to have irregular, ragged edges. If you're not sure how this happened and what you can do to get back to your old appearance, then keep reading on.

Wear and Tear

Typically, this type of damage occurs from simple wear and tear on teeth on a daily basis. That means that the chewing you do when you're eating your food can cause teeth to become worn down. Since you don't chew evenly across every single tooth when you eat, you can end up with teeth that aren't level with each other anymore and have ragged edges.

Keep in mind that abnormal wear and tear also plays a role in making teeth look ragged. For example, if you're a nail biter, you're probably wearing down your teeth bit by bit whenever you do it. It's gradual, so you won't notice the connection at first, but rest assured that nail biting is bad for your teeth and will eventually cause damage no matter what.


Another potential problem for teeth that can make them appear ragged is the acid in what you're drinking and eating everyday. This happens in two separate ways, so consider this.

The first way that acid wears down teeth irregularly is just by consuming it. When acid washes across your teeth, it gradually chews away at individual bone cells. While it won't happen quickly at all, over time, drinking and eating acidic things on a regular basis can make a significant—and literal—dent in your teeth.

Secondly, acid temporarily weakens your teeth. This means that anything else that you're eating or biting—including your fingernails—will do more damage to your teeth after having acid than if you had gone without it.

Getting the Fix

Cosmetic dentists are experts at fixing this kind of damage. There's a couple of ways that they can do it, so you and your dentist can pick which one is right for you.

One option is dental veneers. This cosmetic improvement covers teeth and makes them look brand new, shapely, and white. This is a good choice for you if your teeth are badly ragged or are clearly uneven with one another, as it will make all of your teeth look perfectly straight again.

Another option is to have fillings applied to the edges of your teeth. Unlike fillings for cavities, this kind of care doesn't require drilling your teeth. The fillings are simply used to add a little more material to the end of your tooth, and then they're filed to create a straight, even edge.

Whichever cosmetic solution you pick, you'll be happy with your smile soon after visiting a cosmetic dentist. Make an appointment and get the help that you need.