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Have A Dental Crown? Call Your Dentist If Any Of These Things Happen

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Dental crowns are useful for restoring and strengthening damaged teeth. Unfortunately, having a crown doesn't mean all your dental problems are over. In fact, you should be on the lookout for telltale signs of problems that may come with or affect your crown. Below are some of these problems.

Irritation and Swelling in the Mouth

Expect some irritation when you first get your dental crown. The treatment process is likely to bruise some of your tissues. The irritations you need to worry about are those that persist or arise sometime after the treatment.  It might be that you are suffering from an allergic reaction to the materials used to crown your tooth. If that is the case, then your gums and cheek (generally, the lining of your mouth) might swell and feel tender to the touch. 

Detached Dental Crown

You also need to see your dentist if your dental crown falls off. The risk of this happening is slim, but it can happen. For example, your dental crown might fall off if it doesn't fit you properly. Another reason is if the cement that holds the crown on the tooth isn't strong enough. Also, dental crowns are typically used to build up and cover a damaged tooth. However, if the remaining tooth structure is too small, the crown might not be firmly attached to your tooth, which increases the risk of the crown falling off.

Loose Crown

You shouldn't wait for your dental crown to fall off before seeing the dentist; you should see the dentist immediately if the crown feels loose. The crown should be firmly attached to your tooth so that it forms one structure together with your natural tooth. If the crown is loose, for example, because the cement that holds it onto the tooth surface is deteriorated, some space may emerge between the tooth and the crown. Unfortunately, organic debris, including bacteria, may enter this space and infect your tooth.

Chipped Crown

Although dental crowns are tough, they are not indestructible. This is especially true of porcelain crowns, which are more vulnerable to external mechanical forces than metal crowns. For example, a blow to the mouth during an accident can crack or chip the crown. This weakens the crown and reduces its effectiveness at strengthening and protecting your tooth.

Many of these problems don't mean you have to lose the crown. Whatever solution the dentist may advise, it is best to get it taken care of sooner rather than later. For more information, contact a local clinic like Naas Family Dentistry