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Four Things About Dental Veneers Potential Users Should Know

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Have a cosmetic problem with your teeth that you're looking to fix? Dental veneers can be the solution to your problems. Here are four things about dental veneers anyone should know if they are thinking about getting them. 

Veneers Can Correct Several Issues

Many people don't realize just how versatile dental veneers can be. They are frequently used to correct teeth that are discolored, teeth that have visible chips in them, and teeth that are not properly aligned and would otherwise require braces to fix. The goal of using veneers is to create an illusion that the teeth look good and hide all of those cosmetic problems that you have. 

Veneers Won't Change Color

If you are worried about veneers staining, know that dental veneers are highly resistant to discoloration. Having a full set of dental veneers will ensure that your teeth stay the same color over time. They won't gradually become discolored and ruin the surface of the veneers as a result. 

Veneers Are Installed Quickly

The process of getting dental veneers will only require two visits to the dentist. It starts by taking x-rays of your mouth and creating a mold of all your teeth so that the veneers are the right size and shape for your mouth. A lab uses the mold to create your new veneers. Once the dentist received the veneers, you can make a second appointment to have the veneers correctly applied. 

You'll need to have a thin amount of enamel removed from the teeth to make the surface rough. Dental cement is then used to carefully attach the veneers to your teeth. A special light ensures that the dental cement will harden. It is possible to request anesthesia from the procedure so that you are able to get through it easier. 

Veneers Require A Follow Up Visit

It is likely that your dentist will request a follow-up visit after a few months to see how the dental veneers are working. The dentist will inspect the veneers for potential problems, such as irritated gums that can result from improperly placed veneers. The dentist can make corrections to the veneers at this time to ensure that they are comfortable. 

Have more questions about getting dental veneers? Meet with your dentist for a consultation. You may be surprised at what you learn about dental veneers to help swap your decision about getting them installed on your teeth.

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