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A Same-Day Partial Denture Might Be A Good Choice When You Don't Want A Gap In Your Smile

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If you need to have a few of your teeth removed for a partial denture, you might be worried about how you'll eat and how you'll look while waiting for the permanent denture to be put in. Traditionally, you'll have your teeth removed and then wait several weeks for your jaw to heal and the bone to shrink until the denture is fitted. This can be a problem when the front teeth are the ones to be removed. A solution is to ask your dentist if same-day partial dentures are right for you. Here are some things to expect when you get an immediate partial denture.

The Partial Plate Is Put In Right Away

You'll avoid the embarrassment of having a toothless smile when you leave the dentist's office with a partial plate in place. Plus, you'll be able to eat many of your usual foods once your gums have healed. Your dentist will prepare for your visit ahead of time so your partial plate is ready to go on the same visit as your extraction. While the same-day partial may not be permanent, it will still look as natural as possible and blend in with your other teeth.

You'll Need A Few Visits For Adjustments

Your gums and jawbone undergo changes when you have teeth pulled. Pulling your teeth may cause swelling initially. As the swelling goes down and the bone begins to shrink, your partial denture will get looser and need to be adjusted. You may need a few visits to your dentist during this phase so your denture stays comfortable enough that you can eat well with it.

The Immediate Denture May Be Replaced

When your gums and jaw have completely healed after a period of weeks, the immediate denture may be replaced with a permanent one that has an ideal fit for the new shape of your gums. It's also possible your dentist can reline your same-day partial plate so it has a better fit for your jaw. Either way, you'll need one final adjustment so the partial has a permanent, new fit that will last for a long time.

Your dentist will continue to monitor your partial plate during your regular dental checkups and make adjustments if they become necessary. You'll treat your partial just like traditional dentures and remove it for soaking each night. If your denture becomes uncomfortable or cracks, be sure to let your dentist know because repairs are often possible, and that could save money over having a new partial denture made.

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