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Space Age Dental Care: What Lasers Can Do For Your Teeth

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The use of laser technology has crept into almost every area of health and your dental care is no exception. With lasers, small, concentrated beams of light energy can be directed to heal, cleanse, prepare, and treat various tooth and gum issues. To find out what a laser treatment from your dentist could do for you, read on.

What's So Great About Laser Therapy?

Using lasers in the treatment of common dental maladies has revolutionized the way people view and experience dental care. Here are just a few common positive effects of laser used for dental conditions:

  • Precisely targeted treatment helps preserve healthy tissues
  • More natural tooth preservation
  • Faster healing from procedures
  • Pain-free treatment with no need for injections or anesthesia
  • Less risk of infection 
  • Lessened chance of uncomfortable bleeding and swelling of tissues

How Can a Laser Help You?

Nearly anything you experience in a dental chair can be made better by the use of lasers, including the following. 

1. Repair of Cavities – It sounds almost too good to be true, but if your cavity is relatively small, you can have your cavity fixed without the use of a drill or anesthesia. The laser is able to destroy decay and at the same time prepare the tooth for a filling. Since nerve endings are sealed automatically during the process, no anesthesia is necessary.

2. Treat Snoring – Most people might not consider their dentist office when dealing with snoring, but a repair of oral tissues might reduce or eliminate snoring and the use of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. The soft palate is often to blame for snoring, so the laser targets this area to tighten it up and stimulate the production of collagen, which causes further firming.

3. Reduce bacteria – Gum inflammation can cause serious problems that can spread to affect other parts of your body. Bacteria is the bad guy when it comes to gum diseases, which is where laser therapy comes in. A beam of laser light energy quickly destroys colonies of bacteria as part of your regularly scheduled oral hygiene appointment.

4. Cyst removal – Small and generally harmless cysts known as mucoceles can often cause problems with chewing and speaking. Laser therapy can remove these cysts painlessly and without harming healthy tissues.

The above uses of lasers in dental care are just the beginning. Speak to a dental clinic, such as Milner Dentistry, to learn more about how laser therapy can positively affect every facet of your dental visits.