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4 Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Denture

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If you have recently gotten dentures, that doesn't mean all the dental care tips that you know should go out the door. You still need to take good care of your teeth and mouth. Good dental habits are just as important when you have dentures.

Brush Your Dentures Daily

Instead of brushing your teeth daily, you now need to brush your dentures daily. For brushing your dentures, you'll need to invest in some new supplies. You will need to purchase some a soft-bristled denture brush for your dentures instead of a toothbrush. Use this brush to clean your dentures, and rinse them off after you clean them. However, you should not use toothpaste on your dentures. Oddly enough, many toothpastes can be damaging to your dentures.

Brushing your dentures is the best way to remove plaque build-up from your dentures.

Take Your Dentures Out

When you go to sleep, be sure to take your dentures out. Taking your dentures out gives you a chance to clean them again, and it gives your mouth a rest. Dentures can put pressure on your gums, and taking your dentures out at night gives your gums a chance to rest.  

Soak Your Dentures Daily

You are also going to want to invest in denture cleaner. At night, when you take your dentures out, you are going to want to soak your dentures. This will help clean your dentures; however, it is important to note that soaking your dentures overnight is not a substitute for cleaning your dentures.

Brush Your Mouth

Just because you have dentures doesn't mean that you no longer need to brush your teeth. If you only have dentures on the top or bottom, you need to brush your other remaining teeth twice a day like normal and floss them as well.

If you don't have any teeth in your mouth, you still need to brush your mouth. You need to brush your gums, and you need to brush your tongue as well. This should be done twice a day to keep the rest of your dental health intact. If you develop gum disease, it will be really painful to wear your dentures.

Good dental health doesn't end when you get dentures. You still need to brush twice a day, clean your dentures, and let them soak overnight to keep your mouth healthy and clean. Talk to a dental office like Michaels Dental about other ways to maintain your overall dental health.