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Is Invisalign As Effective As Traditional Braces?

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The argument between braces and Invisalign is an ongoing one that never gets old. It has actually been going on since the early 2000s when Invisalign was introduced and being marketed against the traditional braces. Both are orthodontic treatments and are used to straighten your teeth.

They have their advantages and disadvantages, but a common disadvantage is that even after orthodontic treatment is completed, the patient still has to use retainers at night for an indefinite period of time to prevent teeth from moving. It's a chore and a life sentence. Your dentist will decide which treatment is right for you and s/he will, of course, explain to you why one treatment is preferred over another method. A comparison of the both can be read below:

May Work Faster

In some instances, Invisalign works faster than braces. The average person wears braces for two years, but persons wearing Invisalign can wear them for as little as six months. If you are going to pay $5000 for Invisalign treatment, it is only fair that you expect more. This isn't always a fair comparison because the faster treatments would only apply to cases that are uncomplicated and simple. Some dentists only use Invisalign treatment to correct the teeth of people who had braces before and experience a relapse.

Not for Complex Issues

Braces are more suitable for complex cases as the patient is stuck with them and cannot remove them. With Invisalign, the temptation to remove and the constant removal may deter and hinder treatment. Invisalign is not suitable for patients with bridges, those who have crowded and crooked teeth, and patients who need vertical teeth movement or rotated canines and molars.

It Depends

Traditional braces are used more in orthodontic treatment than Invisalign. Maybe the cost is a deterrent, or dentists feel Invisalign is more cosmetic than anything else. Whatever the reason, Invisalign has its market just as traditional braces have theirs. There are advantages of using Invisalign over the traditional braces, such as being able to remove it and people not knowing that you are wearing it. It is also an excellent option for people involved in sports, as they can remove the orthodontic equipment from their mouths while playing. Invisalign is effective, but not as effective as traditional braces, so many orthodontists still prefer it to Invisalign. Check with your dentist or orthodontist, though; they can tell you better than anyone else. 

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